Bayz Audio


✓ Omni-directional, full range loudspeaker

✓ Represents a complete re-thinking of traditional speakers

✓ Uses the patented Bayz Radial Speaker (BRS)

✓ Provides singular, phase coherent pulse and vanishing distortion much lower than other tweeter designs

✓ Produces exacting spatial location of musical performer and instruments

✓ Tracks transients with very clean overtones



The revolutionary BRS tweeter is actually a cylindrical membrane made from a proprietary ultralight material which creates sound by pulsating in the direction of radiation. The custom designed woofer was chosen for its amazing speed and unique magnetics. Both on and off axis frequency response of the BRS Loudspeaker are extremely linear throughout its full 360 degrees of radiation. The BRS enclosure is made entirely of carbon fiber lined with a proprietary dampening compound.


The development of the Bayz Loudspeaker (BRS) took over a decade to design in order to meet the exacting performance that Zoltan Bay required. Per Zoltan, “For the BRS design, I wanted a much a faster impulse response with very low ringing as compared to other loudspeaker offerings. My intention was to develop a loudspeaker with the absolute lowest distortion and idealized pulse capabilities, with perfect frequency response in all directions”.


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✓ Powerful bass

✓ Fast transients

✓ Detailed resolution/p>

✓ Enclosure made entirely of carbon fiber

✓ Lined with a proprietary damping compound to completely eliminate unwanted vibrations

✓ Contains two ultra-quick 240mm (9½”) woofers



The Counterpoint loudspeaker achieves state-of-the-art status in consumer electronics by utilizing the internationally patented Bay Radial Speaker (BRS). The Counterpoint is a radical design change and marks a quantum leap in loudspeaker technology. The BRS was developed by inventor Zoltán Bay as an idealized way to provide a superior, phase coherent pulse that radiates a sound field in a full 360 degrees with vanishing low distortions and inaudible ringing.


The development of the BRS took over a decade of painstakingly development to meet Zoltan’s exacting performance capabilities. Per Zoltán: “When compared to other state of the art speakers, the Counterpoint has a faster impulse response, much cleaner decay, and very low ringing. My intention was to design a speaker with the lowest distortion signature with idealized pulse with perfect frequency response in all directions.” Listening to the Counterpoint reveals a superior sense of holographic imaging reproducing a more exacting spatial location of the musical instruments. The Counterpoint’s ability to track transients with lightning speed also provides very clean overtones and settling times.


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