• The best tube electronics in the world

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The best tube electronics in the world

Scientific Magic

For many lucky enough to acquire them, the BAYZ Audio speakers will be the last they ever own

Power cords are foundational to all our systems. We believe Ear to Ear Cables are the best in the world

World class air dielectric designs

These D2D devices are indispensable in a digital setup, regardless of price.

Truth is beauty

“Undoubtedly the Bayz Courante is an evolution of loudspeakers.
The BRS delivers an amazingly low distortion, an excellent frequency response and fast and precise speed that has been not yet achieved by any conventional dynamic loudspeakers.
The moment you listen to the Courante, you will be stunned by how natural the sound is.
Built on exceptionally innovative concepts, the Courante is the best speaker machine no one has ever realized before.”

Hideaki Nishikawa (Designer of TechDAS High End turntables)

“Listening to [Music First's Reference] system was unbelievable.

I was totally unprepared for an evening that I will always remember as one of the greatest experiences in my life.”

W.D. - Musician and Music Lover

The Aries Cerat and Audionet gear driving the Bayz Audio Speakers gives new meaning to the phrase 'Virtual Reality Audio'.

Regardless of how many State of the Art Systems you may have heard, I'm willing to bet you've never heard anything like this.

T.R. Lifelong Audiophile and Music Lover

Welcome to Music First Distribution

Connecting discerning music lovers with the artists who create it through world-class high-end audio.

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